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German WWII Army and SS Field issue combat belt.  This ones RARE! and is named to the man inside.  Black leather outer and Brown inside.  The belt is short, maybe 28-30US waist and was shorten during the war as bit.  Has later war metal end.  The size stamp is too hard to read.  The name tag is the coth style and has his name, the last name was penned out postwar by the family, but you can still read it, plus sometimes this can be removed.  Still soft.  Rare to ever find named!


German WWII Combat belt.  Issue Black leather combat belt, darkbrown on the inside.  The end is stamped 105 which is long for this period, but was period resewn to make it a bit smaller, this was done often.  The catch is OLC stamped and retains some of its original green paint.  Nice condition.  Leather is still very soft. 


German WWII Army, SS and Luftwaffe enlisted ranks combat belt.   This is a true combat issue black elather belt.  Has the pressed metal hook on the end, still retains some of its green paint.  The back of the belt is a darkbrown leather.  This one has NOT been modified, as many are, all stiching is as it was issued.  Size stamped on end 95.  Shows use and some wear, but conbat worn!


Various Branches belt and buckle set.  This is a nice set!  Brown leather is of a Political leaders colors, but has a two claw gold pebbled dull finish buckle.  No markings.  Many different services used this style, 1 3/4 inches wide, can be Luftwaffe Generals, a Political branch etc.  Very nice.


Army or Luftwaffe Generals belt and buckle.  This is the same as the Army officers belt and buckle, 1 3/4 inches wide very Dark Brown leather belt and Gold two claw pebbled buckle for Generals.  The set shows use and wear, but leather is soft and still nice.  Belt is stamped Croupon.  Buckle shows light wear from use, rare set for a "Field use" rig.


Army officers belt and buckle.   This is a standard Army and other services Black leather belt and silver two claw buckle.  Mostly used as a field service belt, its 1 3/4 wide.  Nice condition, used but not worn out, very soft leather.  Size is about a 30US average.  Inside face of the leather is Dark Brown

Complete Generals Belt set.  This is the ONLY complete set I have come across!  This set is a TRUE Generals belt rigDark Brown leather, you have the early style wide belt, two claw gold buckle.  Its stamped BERLIN 1939 G.m.b.H. and the maker name.  The belt has BOTH straps for the cross strap and a third belt loop with gold pebbled finish in the adjustment section of the belt.  Some extra holes were period added for a smaller size.  Next is the matching cross strap and its NICE!!!!!  Dark brown leather, this one has gold pebbled hooks, with the early style leather tab behind them and gold adjustment buckle.

  You will not find a matching set, and what sets this apart form all others sold as "Generals" is most of those are Political leaders belts NOT a true Generals rig.  Shows use and wear, leather is still very soft.


NSDAP Political leaders Belt and Buckle.  Mint condition and so clean, this ones a wide Havanna Brown leather belt thats nicely maker stamped and RZM stamped on the buckle end of the belt.  Buckle is pebbled and two prong.  Shows little to NO use, and tough to find one better!


SA Belt and buckle.   This is a great set.  A true SA set, Black leather belt is nice, shows use but not heavy as most.  Has makers marks 1380 Garantie leder schutzmarke.  Never see them this nicely marked, most have no markings at all!  Buckle is standard SA gold smooth and seperate silver solder center.  Nice set and WELL markedOne way to tell a proper early belt is of course marks, but the end is a simple hook end with two rivet pins, NOT the later combat style hook.            A TRUE SA SET.


RAD Belt and buckle.    Nice and clean, enlisted NCO ranks Black leather belt and buckle.  Buckle is RAD pebbled and Aluminum.  Clean buckle, belt has size stamp at the end, but is overstamped 105 then 110Best part is the belt is marked behind the tongue B.A.B.n. 4.37.  This set has it all, LONG length, Aluminum buckle and marked as few are!



A NSDAP Leaders Belt and buckle.  This ones top!  It will be hard to find better!  NSDAP Leaders wide brown havanna color belt.  This one has ALL the markings on it.  Makers name and the RZM stamped isnide as well as the belt length 95.  Long as well.  This rig shows little use.  Gold round buckle is very nice and is RZM stamped on the reverse M4/24/1.  The end keep is also RZM marked M4/24, all matching.  Has BOTH leather slides, these are normally missing.  As good as they get.

WWII German Police brocade belt and round officers buckle.  Rare and hard to find, Police set.  Round Aluminum buckle is maker marked, says ges. gesch.  Inside the diamond underneath it, its stamped out.  Buckle is very clean and nice!  Light use on this.  The belt is Police silver wire brocade, with a green wool backing.  The backing has snags in the material about 5 , see the photos.  No mothing, but has snags.  Smaller size set. 


Fantastic setArmy or Luftwaffe Officers Brown Leather belt and Buckle.  This is a great private tailored set.  The high quality of this set is seen not only in the leather, but inside they have the inner adjustment loops or cuts for the cross strap to attach to.  This is rarely found and is a higher quality set.  Light brown leather, leather is still soft.  No markings, The buckle is silver pebbled and is the double claw still.  Very nice!  About a size 42-44US waist.

NSDAP Leaders belt and buckle set.  This set is nice, Havana Brown leather belt, wide and is Nicely stamped on the buckle end.  RZM L2/081/41 Kernstuck.  Its also size stamped at the other end "95".  Clean and soft leather, no cracks, and shows very light use.  Buckle is double claw and pebbled finish.  Gold is about 60% but still looks good.  Buckle is also faint RZM marked and number.  Nice set can be used for NSDAP Leaders or SA Leaders


The dress Brocade Army Belt and Buckle belonging to Wessel Von Freytag-Loringhoven.  This is the brocade belt, buckle and the original box that it came in for Wessel, remember Wessel supplied the explosives to Stauffenberg during the July 20th plot to kill Hitler.  The set is not name, but came from the tow brothers estate with the other items, and most likely was worn with his parade Waffen Rock tunic.  The set is excellent, not damage to the belt but the box lid is coming apart, the end of the lid is loose, but the lower section is fine.  It is priced higher then a normal set, but this is Wessels set.


Heres an unissued enlisted ranks belt buckle still with its original paper wraping. This is the Fire Defence buckle for the Sate of Westfalen. Its mint, and as mint as they get. Aluminum buckle, two-peice, very nice!


Heres a setup that came in together. The Buckle is the early pebbled finish in Alum, has some of the original paint, but little, buckle shows use but not worn out as are many. Buckle has the original Leather tab on it, with very faint makers name in the oval, has faint date hard to read.

Belt is nice, clean, has the adjustment section on it, and the Alum catch on the other end. Belt shows the same use and the Buckle. Faint stampe of 100? on the end. May have been period shortend an inch on the catch end. Overall an nice combat rig showing normal field use.

Heres some unisused RAD brocade belt silver/brown wire woven material for the belt loops. Its the narrow material for the loops at the front, and theres about 5 feet of it. Perfect for repairs or if your missing the belt loops on your brocade belt!


Heres some more RAD unissued Brocade belt material. Same as the small narrow section listed below, this is the main brocade belt wire in silver and brown. Still wrapped in its original string tie, unissued its the wider brocade belt material. About 5 feet of it!


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