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Nvay, Kreigsmarine officers dress brocade belt and buckle.  This ones close to mint!  Looks to have little to no wear or use!  The wire brocade has no picks or pulls and is clean.  The reverse is black wool and has no mothing.  Has both brass rings and fittings for the dagger hanger.  The buckle is gilt and the reverse has the makers name on it, matching keeper.  This ones Really excellent!


DJ Youth Members belt buckle.  This is the small buckle worn by the Hitler youth DJ or Young folk.  Its in average condition, and is harder to find the then normal HJ buckles.  Silver chromed finish with light scuffs to the face, has the bronze "S" in the center, stamped, has solder catch on reverse and double hook for the leather belt.  Scare item.

Fantastic setArmy or Luftwaffe Officers Brown Leather belt and Buckle.  This is a great private tailored set.  The high quality of this set is seen not only in the leather, but inside they have the inner adjustment loops or cuts for the cross strap to attach to.  This is rarely found and is a higher quality set.  Light brown leather, leather is still soft.  No markings, The buckle is silver pebbled and is the double claw still.  Very nice!  About a size 42-44US waist.


NSDAP Leaders belt and buckle set.  This set is nice, Havana Brown leather belt, wide and is Nicely stamped on the buckle end.  RZM L2/081/41 Kernstuck.  Its also size stamped at the other end "95".  Clean and soft leather, no cracks, and shows very light use.  Buckle is double claw and pebbled finish.  Gold is about 60% but still looks good.  Buckle is also faint RZM marked and number.  Nice set can be used for NSDAP Leaders or SA Leaders


Original Pre-War SA Enlisted ranks belt and buckle set.  This is a set, Brown leather belt shows some age and normal use.  Its still soft.  Has the adjustment tongue for the buckle.  It has the early style hook on the end, no markings.  The buckle is SA ranks, and is Brass two-piece and inside you can see the soldered center attached.  Buckle would clean up if needed.   Size is about a 30US.


The dress Brocade Army Belt and Buckle belonging to Wessel Von Freytag-Loringhoven.  This is the brocade belt, buckle and the original box that it came in for Wessel, remember Wessel supplied the explosives to Stauffenberg during the July 20th plot to kill Hitler.  The set is not name, but came from the tow brothers estate with the other items, and most likely was worn with his parade Waffen Rock tunic.  The set is excellent, not damage to the belt but the box lid is coming apart, the end of the lid is loose, but the lower section is fine.  It is priced higher then a normal set, but this is Wessels set.


Hitler Youth Leaders Belt and Buckle.  This a rare set.  MINT HJ leaders black leather later war pressed belt, with BOTH keepers.   the belt is clearly unissued, and never worn, still wrapped in a circle, the buckle is not matching to the keeper, but is of course original.   It shows very light use, and is nicely stamped on the rear RZM M4/22.  Still a rare set and a LONG belt as well.  Its stamped 120 on the end, thats about a 40-42 US Waist.

Heres an unissued enlisted ranks belt buckle still with its original paper wraping. This is the Fire Defence buckle for the Sate of Westfalen. Its mint, and as mint as they get. Aluminum buckle, two-peice, very nice!


Another SA or HJ cross strap. This ones really nice! Dark brown leather, and was used little. No markings on the leather or hooks, but that is normal as its most likely a pre-RZM strap, used by the Hitler Youth or Early SA troops. No belt loops with this one. Chrome buckles and Chrome hooks, no rust, a few cracks, light, where the leather loops around a hook, but normal.


Heres a fantastic Brown PL leaders leather cross strap also unissued. This is a true PL leaders strap, this strap and some other items coming are all to the same man.

History: The next few items are all to the same man, this man was at the lowest level in the Ortsgruppen ranks. He had just bought all his PL uniform items at the store, and was a bit later called into the Army for service in 1938. ALL his items were never worn or used! They sat in a box till we aquired them. I have for sale several items from his group, I am for the time being keeping the rest as its a large grouping. The group is big, including uniforms, ties, caps, gear etc.

Nice Brown leather A for Assmann stamped Leaders cross strap. And yes, you know for a fact this was to be used by a Political leader! Still unissued, Alum pebbled ends and buckle, never worn.

Heres a setup that came in together. The Buckle is the early pebbled finish in Alum, has some of the original paint, but little, buckle shows use but not worn out as are many. Buckle has the original Leather tab on it, with very faint makers name in the oval, has faint date hard to read.

Belt is nice, clean, has the adjustment section on it, and the Alum catch on the other end. Belt shows the same use and the Buckle. Faint stampe of 100? on the end. May have been period shortend an inch on the catch end. Overall an nice combat rig showing normal field use.


Heres some unisused RAD brocade belt silver/brown wire woven material for the belt loops. Its the narrow material for the loops at the front, and theres about 5 feet of it. Perfect for repairs or if your missing the belt loops on your brocade belt!


Heres some more RAD unissued Brocade belt material. Same as the small narrow section listed below, this is the main brocade belt wire in silver and brown. Still wrapped in its original string tie, unissued its the wider brocade belt material. About 5 feet of it!


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