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German WWII Army (HEER) Named Generals Visor Cap

German WWII Generals visor cap.  This ones top quality and is named as well.  Fantastic Heer generals visor cap, this is a mid-war cap and is piped in Cellon.  The material is top of the line Doeskin wool and very soft and smooth. The capband is a darker Green all are piped in Yellow Cellon.  It has a Cellon chincord and golt side buttons for the cap cord.  Eagel and wreath are fine Gold finish for Mid-war caps and has the Center cockade as seperate.  Both are extremely nice and quality.  The bill is a shinny black and shows very light age to it, but no damage.  Inside is as nice as the outside.  The underside of the bill is a cream color and almost perfect!  Sweatband is a sectional, with a black smooth material for the edge and then a tan leather sweatband with perforation holes.  Sweatband is mint and has the little silk White tie on the back end.  Liner material is a Dull Yellow satin and has the full intact sweatshield inside, only a small crack where the name slides in, otherwise is nice and has no other damage.  Sweatshield is maker marked for PEKURO, in silver lettering.  This cap is named to Army General Meissner.  The aged name tag reads R. MEISSNER.  Cap is a small size maybe 56-57ish.  This is as close to mint as you will find!  Everything it top qualtiy in the way its made to the materials, top of the line!


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