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German Pre-War Pioneer Piped Officer Visor Cap

German Pre-war officers visor cap.  This one a bit rare to find, the early 36-37 visor caps.  This cap is Black piped for Pioneer troops.  Early and very high quality made cap.  Fine doeskin wool, has the lighter Green capband used on the early visors.  Very shinny Black bill, cap has the early Small Whermacht Eagle and small cap wreath both in Aluminium.  Has the silver bullion wire capcords.  This cap shows very light use and is in very nice shape, the only thing that takes a bit away is some moth tracks to the top, please see the photo of the top.  No moth holes, just tracks on the top only.  Full silk liner in a pale Yellow, ribbed material, it has the full sweatdiamond and its excelent with the stamp; "Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichspatent".  It has a wide light tan leather sweatband with air holes in a pattern in the front.  Under the band its stamped "57" for the size.  


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