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German WWII Luftwaffe Flak Officers Tunic

German WWII Luftwaffe officers tunic.  Four pocket, LW offices tunic is for a Flak officer.  Blue/Gray twill wool, tailor made tunic has silver twist cord piping around the collar with Red based collar tabs with three silver bullion wire gulls and a wreath for a Flak officer with the rank of Hauptmann (Captain).  Shoulderboards are Red based for Flak and have the secondary color in Gray for Reserve officer.  Dull cord tops with two gilt pips each, sewn-in to the sleeves.  On the front is a Silver bullion wire breast eagle.  On the other side are loops for a long ribbon bar, and three medals, a well decorated officer.  In the button hole is the Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon.   Silver pebbled solid buttons all match.  This tunic shows wear from use, but no fading to the color, wear is based on snags to the wool or "picks" to the material.  Some on the cuffs, and one section on the lower front corner.  The liner is a Full liner in a silk material, color is a Dark Gray, the photo changes the color a bit.  Many small "picks" to the liner but no tears.  Inner belt and buckle as well.  Not named.  


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