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1939 Mercedes Benz 170V, two-door.  The two door is a rare car as the majority were 4-door, rarely if ever will you see a 2-door for sale. 
This car has recently sold, but I do have two more left from my collection.  a 1947 170V and a 1951 170S both needing restoration, email if interested.
BODY:  The complete body was sandblasted to bare metal, and expoy primered to seal it for restoration.  The body did have many tiny rust perforation on the bottom, the majority of these were brazed, or brass welded closed.  final body work in these areas has not been done yet.  The main floor and from cowling have been painted in a special black epoxy hard paint.  Some wood work has been done in the body, the roof has had the wood bows stripped and new felt added to them where they contact the roof itself.  Body work will need to be done where there are small dents all over the body.  Both door shells have had repair work started, wood work done, and are ready for final body work if needed. 
FRAME:  the frame was complete stripped down and all parts sandblasted, then it as completely restored with Black satin epoxy hard paint, NOT spray paint.  Rear drive axle rebuilt, new bearings and seals, boots.  Front axle springs rebuilt, all new seals, rings, etc.  Brake system is complete new, Master cylinder and brake cylinders new, new brake lines, and NOS shoes, all new hardware, new wheel bearings as well.  Frame is currently completely rebuilt and ready for the drive train to be installed.  The original oiling system for the suspension as also rebuilt, this is VERY RARE as the majority leave off this oiling system as its complex, this ones rebuilt with some new lines, some good original ones, the pump is rebuilt.  All steel wheels sand blasted and primered.
ENGINE:  Completely 4-cylinder original engine.  Ready for final assembly, with all new parts for the rebuild. New bearings, gaskets, crank turned, rebuilt rods,, new pistons and rings, new valves and guides, head resurfaced.  Some items for the engine rebuilt, starter, generator, carburator rebuilt and ready.  Transmission is ready for final assemblty with new bearings.
INTERIOR:  Nothing has been done here yet, but is complete with all seats and is ready to be redone.  The only item missing is a new headliner material. 
The car is complete with all parts to finish restoration, most parts have been hand picked for a large selection of parts we have in stock for the 170V, same with all the nuts bolts and other hardware.
Pre-war and wartime cars fetch $50,000+ restored, I have seen up to $90,000+ as well.  I have also seen rusted out cars selling as is for $8K-$18K as is.

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