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German WWII Forestry Officers Uniform Set

SKU: German_WWII_Forestry_Officers_Uniform_Set

German WWII Forestry officers uniform set.  Nice matching set to a named officer.  Fine quality green wool, tunic has a Velvet green collar with silver twist cord piping.  On the collar are the tabs, Velvet green based with silver twist cord piping and silver bullion wire weave for the leaf's and acorn.  The rank is for Forstmeister.  This is a senior level rank.  Tunic has silver bullion cord tops with a velvet green base.  There is a single button under one of the boards for the officers Agulitte.  Tunic is piped in dark green.  Silver pebbled buttons all match.  On the pocket are sewn holes for two medals, different from the normal medal loops.  Tunic is fully lined in satin black cotton material and has the slot for the dagger hanger to go through.  No damage to the tunic and no mothing, it's in very nice condition.  Next are the trousers, straight leg matching wool, with a dark geen strip down each leg.  Partial liner in a off-white material.  There is a name tag inside the waist with is rank and a date of 1938 or 1939.  This is a really nice set, all matching and named!

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