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RARE German Hitler Youth Leaders Black Wool Trousers with Luftwaffe Stamp and RZM Tag

SKU: 852019F

German WWII Hitler Youth Leaders Black wool trousers.  These are VERY RARE.  Black wool, with the flared look.  Front has to side pockets with flaps and the watch pocket as well.  At the calf's, there are several eyelets.  On back there is one rear pocket and side adjustment straps and buckles.  Buttons are Black plastic and have the H.J. D.J. markings on them.  Inside the liner its a white cotton material with a large size stamp "46".  also inside is a Luftwaffe stamp in Red with the LW eagle and L. S. there is also another stamp below that but I cannot read it.  Last is the Hitler Youth RZM Tag sewn in.  Trousers are rare and in excellent condition with no damage and no mothing.  

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